Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nostalgia in Reverse

I just had to get in on some of the Helen Backhouse's HelensBatCave
wonderful polymer clay pieces. She does exquisite painting on lightweight polymer clay from molds  ( moulds where she comes from) that she creates from shells, leaves, pods and flowers. Let me tell you these are hot items!

I squirreled away some of the raw ruby nuggets that I picked up at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and even kept a couple of my "kerfuffle" lampwork discs and wired them up with some tiny bone vertebrae and finishing off with my favorite  Lucy Haslam  FaeryStones earwires

 I must add that Helen leaves it to to you  for the placement of the holes. I was able to use my small punch for my holes.

Long yet lightweight. Colorful and springlike

I wish you all a happy spring. I am on my yearly northward journey to Alaska to experience springtime all over again.

Thanks for looking!
Kimberly Rogers 


  1. These are so beautiful Kimberly. I too was able to snatch up some of Helen's beautiful art, but I'm still in my "my precious" phase with these, so it will take a while before I'm willing to use them. You did a great job paring them with your lampies, the rubies, the bone vertebrae and another favorite of mine as well: Lucy's earwires . The colors compliment each other.
    Safe travels!!

  2. Kim, they are indeed quite special. I started to explain what amazed me about these in the design sense, but it got so convoluted. Although I know what I mean, saying it in writing. . . . well, suffice it to say, if you removed your own glass beads, they would still be a lovely pair of earrings with Helen's marvelous work and the glorious Rubies. But with them, they create an indescribable (for me ;) creative connection that doesn't just pull it together; they are THE piece of the puzzle that took them from lovely to extraordinary. Your design and color sense here amazes me. Love them.

  3. I can see that these are textured with shells, but the colors and shape remind me of spring flowers, still in the bud. They are very pretty!