Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Night Out _ Chandelier Earrings

I see these being worn on a night out. Something special, and fun. They have a bit of swing and a lot of sparkle. Created with thick sterling silver disks, mill rolled for an embossed texture. I went with Swarovski crystals for this set because I absolutely adore this blue color _ Pacific Opal. And for sparkle Swarovski's can't be matched, IMO. I think the pale blue looks fabulous next to the matte rustic finished silver. Although, I'll probably put them in the tumbler for strength... and end up sanding them again for that matte look!

What do you prefer... Shiny or matte brushed silver?


  1. Oh, I can wear these anytime. But especially on a warm summer night, having diner in a restaurant on the beach here in Greece.
    I love that blue color with matte brushed silver.

    1. Dinner in Greece? Sounds heavenly! Thanks for taking the time to comment Janie!

  2. Cindy, that shade of blue with the silver is beautiful! Lovely, fun and sexy earrings. Re the finish, like with most things, I prefer the matte, but there are times the shiny rocks my world. :) It's all about the mood I'm in. I love it all! Lovely earrings.

  3. I'm with Norbel, it depends on the mood that I'm in lol I love both the matte and shiny finish. In this case, I absolutely LOVE the matte brushed finish, and those Swarovski crystals are absolutely divine! I love this color :) Fabulous earrings!

  4. totally agree with janine and Norbel, that blue with the silver is popping!!