Friday, April 22, 2016

Weathered Wild Flowers

My hubby and I can't resist snapping pictures everywhere we go. Thankfully, in this digital age, it's easy to take and store a ton of images almost effortlessly. I love having this huge pool of images to inspire me, and remind me of the places we've visited together throughout the years.

My inspiration this week is a picture taken by my love, as we strolled through a field of wildflowers at sunset in the Peace River region, Northern British-Columbia, Canada:

Northern Wildflowers at Sunset by "Mr. Nathalie" :)

I just love the colors, and that sense of freedom and peace I feel when I look at that photograph.
These flowers have been there for a long time, wild and free, sun-kissed and happy.

I used both copper and sterling silver in making these wild flowers earrings.
Softly weathered, definitely wild and rustic.

 Topped with small handmade multicolored artisan glass beads from Little Crow,
which capture a variety of colors that we found during our sunset walk in the forest.

The antique patina creating shadows, and the satin texture on the petals softly catching the sunlight.

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!

... and believe in your dreams... 

Nathalie Lesage


  1. Hi Nathalie! It's nice to meet you and see you here. The photo you shared by Mr. is stunning! That is definitely one of his talents; he has the eye. As you do with jewelry. Your skill with metal is awesome, the flower here amazing, the earrings a masterpiece. And they've sold already! They are inspiring.

    1. Thank you Norbel for your kind words :) It's lovely to meet you too. I've been out of the loop with our big move back home, and I missed EE so much! It's nice to be back!

  2. Gorgeous earrings! Lovely photo too. The metalwork is really amazing on these earrings. Welcome back to the EE blog! Good to see your posts again! Looking forward to seeing more. :-D

  3. Lovely photo and gorgeous earrings, no wonder they sold so fast! Your post was very inspiring, I really enjoyed it ~ thank you! :)

    Laura xoxo

  4. Hi Nathalie, so lovely to meet you here on the EE blog. Beautiful picture by your hubby and you captured the spirit so well in your gorgeous earrings.