Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I was chatting with buddy Kim of NuminosityBeads the other day and she called something or someone a "pobrecito". Being from the Midwest, Spanish isn't as prevalent in my lexicon as I'd like it be. Since I'm a word hound and love to pepper my conversations with obscure underused linguistic gems, I immediately googled this funny little term. Turns out a "pobrecito" is more or less a "poor little guy". What a perfect expression!

 You stubbed your pinkie toe--it's a pobrecito.

Your basset hound puppy trips over his big floppy ears--he's a pobrecito.

You always got picked last for the kickball team in gym class--you're a pobrecito (or pobrecita).

As I was in the midst of creating a silverworked agate drusy earring series several weeks ago, I found myself cooing over this wee lilac purple pair. So tiny, so easy to overlook, so easy to underappreciate next to their bigger, swankier mates. The earlier conversation with Kim was fresh in my mind, and voila, a star was born. 

To create these teeny post earrings I cut, soldered, filed, and sanded sterling silver sheet and bezel wire plus trios of my hand-cast cratered granules. Such a soft spring hue to usher in all the budding flowers, bulbs, and blooming trees. Squeal-worthy little babies.

So now you have a new word for the day--use it with abandon!

Happy Wednesday,
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  1. You are such a funny pobrecito, Nikki! Your earrings may be tiny, but they are anything but "poor" little guys. They are as rich as your talent! Thanks for a wonderful post and a great pair of earrings. :)

  2. Yes, I'm totally sold on these guys. Love all the faded shades in this series of earrings!

  3. These earrings are beautiful, certainly not easy to over look! Squeal-worthy for sure!

  4. Once again, breathtaking, drop dead gorgeous earrings!!

  5. Swooning over here! I love the color and the texture and the way you framed these wee drusy pieces. Makes them so much more than poor! I use that word all the time...pity the pobrecito! Enjoy the day! Erin