Thursday, April 14, 2016

We're All Ears :: April Reveal

There is something so magical in a spiral. It is one of the most ancient of spiritual symbols and is the universal pattern of growth. Spirals represent the feminine and fertility, symbolic of the energy of the life force. It is indicative of the journey of life that we are all on. They are magnetic and mysterious. It is one of my favorite shapes.

I am sure that our prehistoric ancestors were influenced by the the shapes they saw in the natural world and spirals are one that they would have surely noticed. Those in the unfurling ferns covering the forest floor would have inspired their ancient cave art.

For my earrings I envisioned a tumbling cascade of spirals all linking together with tiny crystal droplets, like drops of dew. I wanted to make them long, yet light; simple in material, yet complex in construction.

I started with the ear wires. I found a set of sterling silver wire hiding in my stash. As much as I tried to make them equal, each spiral has little differences, much like each individual plants on the forest floor. I simply created spirals mainly with my hands, adding a little loop to the bottom two. I interlocked the tiny spirals, adding a tiny moss green faceted teardrop to weight them and add a bit of flash, like tiny dew drops hugging tight to the spiral.

I call these Unfurling. Light, yet substantial. Simple, yet complex looking. Soft, yet bold. Perfect!

Faithful reader Sharon Piatek made something but was unable to post it and asked for my help. She was inspired to make a complete set with earrings and coordinating bracelet with the spiral theme.

Now it is your turn. Show off what you did inspired by the April inspiration.

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  1. Simply gorgeous earrings, Erin. I love the interlocking wire spirals, and the droplets are the perfect finishing touch. Very clever and elegant design.

  2. I made someting with this symbol, but it it's not ears project, so that I can't add it to your challege but sent here to see. Greetings from Poland :)

  3. They are beautiful! I'd love to see how they move, I'm sure they'd be so much fun to wear!

    1. I wore them all day long. They are extremely lightweight and swingy! I love them and I am keeping them for myself! Erin

  4. Very creative design! They are great earrings that showcase your metal working skills.

  5. Those are gorgeous! I am sure they have great movement & music.

  6. What a fun and beautiful design! Thanks for the great inspiration this month!

  7. Thank you so much for posting my design! I had great fun making these pieces and enjoy wearing them also. Light and fun. Love your design also...very creative and full of fun.

  8. Very Cool Earrings Erin!Looks like they will have a lot of movement!
    And so nice of you to post Sharon's creations..which are also very cool!

  9. These are simply lovely! I love the movement and flow of the earrings you made.

    And Sharon's work is lovely, too--those spirals are such fun! :)