Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunny Day Celebration

Its a totally gorgeous spring day as I write this. The high today is predicted to be 79 F and it is a very pleasant 77 F right now.  We've eaten dinner "al fresco" the past two evenings and will do so again tonight. Our rhododendrons are blooming and we have sweet smelling bouquets of lilacs in the house.  Perfect in every way!
This bright, happy weather is infusing my jewelry designs, as well.  I bought some gorgeous lampwork headpins from Sue Beads last week and couldn't wait to use them!
I accented the yellow dots and orange stripes by pairing the headpins with yellow and orange ceramic beads.  These beads were made by a local ceramicist who (unfortunately) no longer makes beads.  We both used to have work at Gallery One in Ellensburg, WA.  I bought up several handfuls of her beads and have been hoarding them for about 15 years!  The slip trailing (raised designs) on these beads is so detailed and exquisite. You can see why I've treasured them!
However, the time has come to use these beads and Sue's beautiful glass headpins were calling out! The minute I slipped the orange and yellow ceramic bead on Sue's headpins, I could see that it was a match made in heaven.
I kept the earring design simple, because I felt that there was enough going on with intense colors and the patterns.  A couple of brass bead caps was all they needed for a finishing touch.
My new headpins and the sunny day were all I needed for inspiration.  Wishing you sunny days, too.
The Sunny Day Earrings are available in my shop, which, by the way, is undergoing a face lift.  Hope you like the new look.


  1. What a fabulous combination, Sue's headpins are just right for those beads and they are definitely Sunny!!!

  2. They remind me of the Swiss guards at the Vatican!

  3. Sue's headpins were a great canvas for Ms. Arvey's beads. And the slip trailing (thank you for the accurate term!) is indeed very carefully applied, if that's the right term. But you know what I mean. I think the teal in the headpins makes it work, the addition of that 3rd color. :) I bet hanging in the light they really shine! Happy Sunshine and Spring, Linda!

  4. What a wonderful combination of unique beads! Beautiful outcome, Linda!

  5. Wow! Talk about a match made in heaven! I can see why you've been hoarding these beads for so long. Gorgeous design!

  6. These earrings are so much fun! Definitely a match made in heaven.