Friday, April 1, 2016

We're All Ears :: April Inspiration

New green things are pushing their way through all over the place! Buds are appearing on trees. The grass is greening up. Happy Spring!

I don't often get a chance to go for walks, but I want to change all of that. I want to get out and explore the 26+ miles of Green Circle Trail that is unique to my community. Some of it starts fairly close to my own home! I think that needs to be a goal for me for the rest of this year, to not only walk all 26 miles, but to experience the natural beauty of our area.

One of the most delightful and magical plants to me are the common fiddlehead fern. They are so gorgeous when they are just sprouting and later when their feathery leaves stretch out over the cool forest floor. They are called 'fiddlehead' because of the way their curved fronds resemble the curled scroll ornamentation on a stringed instrument. I understand that you can also eat the tender curly shoots as a vegetable with wonderful anti-oxidant properties. I would like to try that!

Our modern-day ferns are actually descendants of ancient species. They have been around for 300+ million years! The secret to the fern's longevity is likely their ability to thrive in the shadow of their more showy forest siblings.

I found this fascinating time-lapse video of a cluster of fiddlehead ferns unfurling their feathery fronds and thought you might like to be inspired by this for April! Let's see where this earthy, yet otherworldly inspiration takes us.

Will it be the coiled fiddleheads... the feather leaves, or the bright spring green color that inspires you? Join me for the reveal of our fern-inspired earrings on April 15th!


  1. I'm LOVING this inspiration, Erin! Fiddleheads are so cool... and ferns in general are a lovely and fascinating plant. This is going to be a fun one to play with!

  2. Love love love spirals, wonderful inspiration!!!

  3. Beautiful inspiration Erin! and I just love this sprout color of green. Ferns, especially fiddleheads, remind me of New Zealand as they play an important role in Māori culture as something they regularly ate.

  4. Erin, what a fun inspiration idea. I look forward to seeing all the interpretations.

  5. Loved that time lapse video. Thanks for sharing. This will be such an inspiring theme!

  6. Oh, early due date this month! I better get cracking! This is a great theme.

  7. Beautiful imagery! It's very easy to feel inspired by such beautiful plants!