Friday, August 9, 2013

Sea Urchin Wheels

These new Turquoise Urchin Discs have been sitting on my work table for a couple of weeks,
 I knew I wanted to make my next Earrings Everyday earrings with them
 but of course I waited until the last minute!

I've had an idea what I wanted to do and they turned out pretty much right on!

These are the new Wonky Discs I've been making from Polymer Clay, I also made the wood textured discs above them using Ivory.
I love the wood texture, I made lots of different shapes and sizes you'll see soon in my Etsy shop.

I added a little bit of sparkle on top with the beautiful Icy Blue Lampwork Spacers by That Bead Girl!

They may be big and bold but because they are Polymer Clay they are quite light! 

These earrings are available to purchase



  1. Love these three elements together! You've really hit on a great design with your Wonky Discs--very versatile beads, and as always they have that wonderful ancient/natural feel.