Friday, August 16, 2013

Boho Essence

Since the price of silver has gone down a bit recently, I ordered more PMC3. I used to do a lot with it but haven't in probably over a year. I made the teardrops out of the precious metal clay and then after the firing, I hammered and used liver of sulphur on them. I love turquoise and silver together so I paired them using waxed linen cording. These earrings are available to purchase here.
Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Cotton Bell Sleeved Boho Top
 This girl would wear these earrings and I love that look!  

I decided to make a small petite pair as well. 
These earrings are available to purchase here.

Thanks and have a great day,



  1. Love, love the deeply textured metal teardrops! So gorgeous when oxidized. And beautifully completed with the turquoise.

  2. Love the simplicity and the colors!!!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love how deeply you've gotten the texture into your metal. The soft sheen on it is gorgeous, I like that it's not ultra shiny. I love both pairs, but I think the second is my favorite!

  4. I think the texture that you got on these drops is perfect! I have never had luck with the PMC classes that I have taken. I really wanted it to be something for me, as I would love to make my own bezels from the stuff, but it just never works. These are wear with everything earrings! Enjoy the day! Erin