Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Safari Stars + Lorelei's Michaels Challenge

Today is the day for Miss Lorelei's latest Michaels Challenge. Below you will see the beads that I had to work with for the challenge. The color palette is unexpected and I think that the fresh green gives a whole new life to these beads.

I did make a few substitutions to the beads that she chose, but it keeps with the same palette. I made these Safari Stars earrings with these great saucer shaped beads tipped on their sides to reveal the cool star shaped pattern.
[Safari Stars]

I think they would look great with this Anthropologie dress called Afternoon Safari. It looks like a breezy outfit fit for the Serengheti for sure. Or a trip to Tar-zhay for some toilet paper and a 1" binder. Whatever.

Be sure to hop on over to Lorelei's blog for the rest of the Michaels challenge participants.

Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her popular line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.


  1. Love them! Those trips to Target can be pretty adventureous ya know

  2. I love how vine-like your fringe is, it makes me think of an asparagus fern--fresh!

  3. As always, awesome use of fiber & great idea to turn the beads sideways, I need to remember that!