Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace Signs

I have a thing for peace signs and I love wearing them, be it a t-shirt, a scarf or a pair of earrings...they are always "in" with me. I made this pair last night using Bubby & McGurk head pins, Czech glass and Magnesite beads. The Irish waxed linen cord is from Ornamentea.

Here's a casual outfit that would look great with my earrings....
Stroll on the Beach

Stroll on the Beach by kristyabner featuring a maxi dress


You can find these earrings here on my website.

Thanks and have a great holiday weekend,

Kristy Abner

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  1. Love them Kristy! I just got some Czech beads in amber and turquoise and was admiring that color combination myself! These headpins are GORGEOUS, so perfect with the other beads and your white magnesite peace signs. Nice balance of sizes and I love the little bit of cording thrown in! Gives it a little boho funk.

  2. Very fun - I love that Boho-Hippe look too and Dean's amazing head pin beads! I love when you throw in a little textile - such a tease :) - sorry I'm late on posting...but have been away and off line - but catching up now :)