Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Leaves

Today is a good day to reflect on the coming year - 363 more days of possibilities laid out before us.  If the New Year brings nothing else, may it bring hope.  Like an evergreen branch in a barren winter landscape, there is the promise of renewal around us. 

These patina leaves remind of those hardy winter branches of holly with a light dusting of snow beneath the green.  I paired them with navy blue disk beads with a winter branch design.  You can find these Winter Leaves in my Etsy shop.  Use discount code NewYear for 20% off my shop until Midnight tonight.

If I were to pair these earrings up with some New Year gear I would opt for a travel bag because you never know what adventures await.  A handmade journal for capturing some of those possibilities and wonderful dreams and wishes.  And then I'd wrap myself in some comfort like this hand-knitted scarf because if I have one New Year's resolution it's to take very good care of myself this year.

Journal: M-Square Design

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  1. Heather ~ Great resolution... we must all take good care this year! Pretty earrings~

  2. I love things with patina! Some of my favorite pieces have been made with them!

  3. These are so lovely...the patina of the leaves really offsets the darker blue of the beads!