Friday, January 13, 2012

Magical Mauve

Magical Mookaite!
When I saw these amazing and unusual Mookaite Dew Drops I snatched them up as fast as I could.
I just recently started making these rings and I think they make a perfect combination.

I can see them with this pretty frilly top below,
how about a nice old fashioned head of cascading ringlets with these earrings peaking out from behind
Like this!

I know that's a little girl but the color and style was so perfect for what I wanted!

Then there is this Fab Mauve Purse.
Source: via Kristi on Pinterest

You can find Kristi's work in her Etsy and Artfire shops.


  1. Wow!!!! Those are gorgeous!!!!! I love that design!!

  2. Fabulous! Love those rings--delicious berry tones! I'm a big fan of mookaite myself--the mauves, mustards and berries captivate me. So perfect with copper!

  3. Love the rings....can see all types of uses! Great pink too ~

  4. Fantastic! I am curious as to what you are making the rings out of, they are really nice! :)

  5. Just gorgeous Kristi...they look like they were made to go together :)

  6. As usually for you, these a absolutely gorgeous. I love your new rings and the unusual mookite is the perfect match.

  7. sigh, Kristi, these are just perfection! I love everything about them!