Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystical Traveler

I just love these lampwork beads that my husband made; to me they look mystical-hence the name. I paired them with Czech beads in a gorgeous shade of plum and lemon. Did some wire wrapping and voila! A pretty pair of earrings.

Wouldn't they look great with this scarf?
And of course jeans and boots to complete the look!

(images found on Pinterest)

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  1. I love those! the colors are great, and I love the wire coil you did.

  2. Oh ya Kristy, those are fantastic and beautiful earrings!

  3. Wow! They are awesome!
    I have been trying to find a glass that does that effect for so long, would Dean share the name of the glass? My local store is not well versed on lampwork, more so stained and fused glass. I have asked them and they can't figure it out.

  4. Fabulous! I love how you wrapped that heavy gauge wire, they remind me of Saturn. Wonderful color combination--you are the LUCKIEST having a lampworker husband! The only thing better might be a husband who makes shoes. Like if he made Danskos and Steve Maddens.

  5. Cool earrings and I love the scarf and boots. It works for me.

  6. I always LOVE how you present your earrings with such class and a real fun fashion sense :) - love the Dean's beads (as always) and love these beautiful dangle earrings - bravo!! Always a pleasure popping on here :)

  7. Thanks girls for the comments/compliments, they made my day :)

  8. Gorgeous earrings! And yes, they would go great with that lovely scarf!!