Monday, January 23, 2012

Versatile Wire!

The only way to put it is to say, I am in Love with wire!! The more I use it, the more I Want to use it! It is versatile and fun! So here is to wire!!
You have to look at the different ways it looks when you move it around in the light. Shimmering and shinning. Dull and Dark{in a good way}. It is simply wonderful! This is solid copper wire that I patinaed in LOS for a nice Vintage feel!
You can find these in my ETSY shop! I hope to make more soon in different colours, with the wire curved differently. The possibilities are endless!!
 Wear them with a chic little Jacket!
Found on Pintrest
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  1. I love those spotted beads!

  2. Nice effect with the wire! And the Unicorne beads are beautiful as well!

  3. These earrings are awesome-love them. I really like the wire design you created. It adds a unique element to the beautiful glass beads.

  4. Love the beads and wirework, Marie!