Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Your Mood?

 Mood Rings were the rage when I was a kid...
I owned a bunch of them and giggled with girlfriends over our Mood colors ~ 
I've been looking at these beads for over a year....they intrigued me..
I finally ordered some and have to say..


I have so many jewelry ideas to make with these and just can't wait to create! 

My 18 year old daughter is totally in love with the beads and we chatted late into the night 
about creating our own mood color descriptions...
Like wouldn't it be funny to make humorous color meanings about
Menopause, Moms, College, Dieting, Beading or Love?  

And in my searches for mood related items...

If Lucky Brand uses Mood, it must be awesome!

How about Mood tiles.... 

Or Mood iphone cover ~ very cool!

How about nature's take on Mood...the Chameleon ~ 

Hope you had fun with the Mood Ring thing  ~ 
I'm off to create some 
Moody type stuff!
Stop by see!


  1. Oh ya, I had mood rings, so much fun. They really have some gorgeous mood beads out there now, I think I might have to try some. Your earrings are beautiful!!!

  2. I had a mood ring! It was always black. These beads are really cool! And your earrings are darling. Love your copper work in them. (LOVE the mood shower).

  3. I don't see the earring on the post! I saw them on Facebook of course, and I am glad you took my advise and decided to post them :) Am I the only one who can't see them? They are sooo pretty! <3

  4. Oh Melinda, now you have made me finally go ahead and order some mood beads. I've been drooling over them for a good while. I love the bee ones in your post. Haven't seen them before. Where did you get those? Since green is my favorite color big time I hope I am in a relaxed mood most often ... but I don't think I am to be honest ... My mood varies quickly and intensely ... Oh yes, I am one of those kind of people ... :-)

  5. The earrings are groovy! I had mood rings, too, but they were always black/angry -- I have icy cold hands even in July, but I'm a happy person (except when I get irritated by a mood rings that says I'm angry...)

  6. Very cool earrings Melinda! I have some of these beads too but haven't done anything with them but I will now, you have inspired me. Oh, and I LOVE Lucky brand jewelry...drool...

  7. i remember mood rings!!!! love your earrings, and those beads are very cool! i need to go and look into these mood beads!

  8. yeah, my mood ring always stayed the same color! These are so very cool, Melinda..I love the wire loops at the top.

  9. Oooh, Melinda! Those earrings are awesome! And I didn't know there were mood beads LOL! How cool! So fun!