Friday, January 6, 2012

Painted Birds

In the months before I played around with alcohol inks and Vintaj, I used some acrylic paints to experiment on various metal components like I did with these birds. After achieving the look I wanted, I sanded and sealed them. I still really like these earrings (even if they haven't sold yet-boo) and I should probably dig those paints back out sometime.

I think these earrings would look fab with this dress (hair up of course to show off the earrings!).

To see more of Kristy's jewelry, please visit her website at Kristy's Kreations and to purchase these earrings click HERE.


  1. Have you experimented with Gilders Paste? Definitely worth a try if you haven't.

  2. these are very sweet! I have some of these that I enameled...will have to put them to use :)

  3. Thanks Melissa :)
    Yes, Jenny I have worked a little bit with Gilders paste and it was fun. I only bought one color though so I didn't have many options.