Sunday, January 22, 2012

Earth-Friendly Earring Cards

Birch Bark Butterflies - drill tiny holes in the wings.  These would be sweet for a booth display too.

Upcycled Hearts from old maps would add a nice vintage touch to a booth display.  You may want to back these with a heavier recycled cardstock.

Loving these cork tags, perfect for a display. 

Vintage book illustrations are given new life as tags.

Simple and charming kraft paper heart tags.


  1. Really cute and original! Great ideas for using old, or more sustainable products. I like using squares from pages from colorful calendars, like flowers or tropical fish for gift tags. I use a glue stick to affix some stiffer paper to the back to cover up the other side, like from the inside page of an old greeting card.

  2. Those are all really cool ideas - thanks!

  3. Those are really great! I know I have an old atlas laying around here somewhere! Thanks!

  4. Love these ideas now to find time to do them...