Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Weathered Heart

Sometimes a heart takes a beating. It gets broken, torn, exposed to harsh elements, stitched up, and broken again. The rough majesty of an oft-broken and mended heart, like the scars of an ancient and battle-worn blue whale, is what makes it beautiful, fascinating and trustworthy.

These copper hearts by Shannon LeVart have a rich verdigris patina, as if they had lain for centuries in a rain-spattered grotto before being unearthed by a wide-eyed treasure hunter. I've suspended them from rustic copper knots in a burnished chestnut patina, also by Shannon LeVart. They hang from hand-formed copper earwires, each embellished with an amber glass seed bead. You can see more of them HERE, and visit my Etsy shop HERE.

I would have to wear these with something humble, time-honored and built for comfort, like a cozy fisherman sweater:
sturdy and serviceable boots to get me where I need to go (and kick some tuchus):

a favorite pair of jeans that has been there and back, many times:

and a toasty pea coat!
Makes me think of Julianne Moore in Shipping News. 

I would also need this with hot coffee in it.  
And probably this too.


  1. love the color on these hearts! I would wear them in a "heart" beat! (ba dum bum)! I would also eat that pastry!

  2. I love these! And the attire to go with it!

  3. I'm sure Shannon is very pleased with the way you used these hearts and the description of them! I like the way you used the knots with double jump rings, a lot of substance there, in your work and your words! Well done!

  4. Oh ya, gorgeous earrings!! Love the skinny jeans too and I'd like the skinny legs and buns to go with them. The pastry looks yummy but won't get me skinny legs!