Friday, August 25, 2017

The Silk Route

I have a HUGE stash of sari silk and I suspect this is true of most of us?! So a couple of weeks ago I dug them out (literally) and had a play.  I made several pairs of earrings.

Porcelain drops by Melissa Gabelle and the wrapped bundle (as one of my customers called it) consists of a brass tube wrapped in sari silk and cup chain.  If you squint your eyes long enough you should be able to see the sari silk peeking out from under the cup chain. I added some Czech glass flowers in blue and dark orange to match the colours on the drops.

Porcelain caps by Melissa Gabelle.  Stacked up on top are Swarovski rondelles, lampwork beads, Czech glass and some teeny porcelain rounds.  Hanging from underneath are my sari silk and chain wrapped 'bundles' and flower drops.

Top 2 pairs are new but I had to share a 3rd pair I made a couple of weeks ago.  Again they feature porcelain drops by Melissa Gabelle, stacked on top are brass caps and tubes followed by hoops and topped with wrapped sari silk. 

Then there are these:

Here I have incorporated sari silk in one of my signature designs. Petra Carpreau Frida drops, wrapped with sari silk and chain and topped with Czech glass rondelles.

Lastly, Petra Carpreau Vermeer drops, slightly asymmetrical.

Now that I have unearthed my sari silk stash - there might a flood of designs featuring the same ;).

I hope you like this week's offerings.  Top 2 pairs will be available in my next online Trunk show and the bottom 2 pairs are currently listed in my Etsy shop. 

Have a lovely weekend.

See you in a couple of weeks time.

Suhana 💜💜💜 

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  1. All gorgeously silky works!! Bravissse!!XX:O)<3

  2. All beautiful. What a wonderful way to use up left over sari silk ribbon

  3. Wow! You really got busy with the silk! Lovely work!

  4. Outstanding!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  5. As always, your designs are very creative and imaginative. Gorgeous, of course, too. :)

  6. Wonderful designs--and great use of the sari silk!

  7. Quite right! I have a stash as well, and never know what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration. I adore the layering you get with your earrings and components. All so very intricate and detailed that beg to be touched! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Ah you said it. Box full. Been digging it out though, lately; it runs in phases, like everything else. Love those earrings, especially the monotone pair. x