Monday, August 28, 2017

Ms. Glam!

Hello All!

I had a completely different post in mind but then I lost my USB camera cord. I took it to charge in my vehicle on our way to view the eclipse and now can't find it!

Wish me luck finding it. So today I am sharing a glam pair of earrings that I photographed earlier.

I am dedicating them to a fabulous older lady that recently pasted away at age 91. Feisty, sweet, bossy, independent- lived by herself and still drove, elegant in dress, and manners. Ms. Tennie would have rocked these earrings.

Rose gold ear wires have lush rustic pearls from Smitten Beads UK and Champagne luster druzy slices. Simple materials, but so elegant and feminine.

Enjoy your day...give a hug to someone you love. 


  1. Ooh! Big chunky pearls and rough cut drusy slices. Yummy! I love them! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Sweet story Jetta and beauties in her memory x

  3. Jetta, the pearls rock on their own, as do the drusy chunks/slices. Both gorgeous finds on your part. Put them together . . . . voila! Gorgeous! How wonderful to have had a Ms. Tennie in your life. The elderly are very special, and so many miss out on the wonderful opportunity sharing time with them can be. I'm happy for you, and Ms. Tennie for having had you in her life. Hugs.

  4. Thank you everyone!! I do love using rough and classic materials together. Ms. Tennie would always demand a hug from my kids every Sunday. Hugs to

  5. Wonderful story Jetta. I agree with Norbel, it is wonderful to have had a Ms. Tennie in your life. It seems quite a lady. Your earrings are beautiful. It shows you don't need a huge stock of beads to create something very special.

  6. Love these! Gorgeous understated elegance. Perfect!

  7. Really beautiful earrings. Just from your short description, I can picture Ms. Tennie in them.