Friday, August 18, 2017

We're All Ears :: August Reveal :: Moths

Did you know that National Moth Week is at the end of July? Me, neither!

I have never seen moths that were so colorful until I embarked on this challenge. Since I posted this two weeks ago, I have been seeking out moths - live - but have not seen a one. I suppose just leaving my one porch light on wasn't the best option. So when I came across the National Moth Week activities I figured there would be some suggestions. Just three simple things will have you mothing, or seeking out moths, in no time.

  1. Any type of light will attract moths. Just leave a porch light on and wait and see what is attracted to it. If you are in a field or forest, you can use battery-operated lights or even a flashlight. Entomologists use black lights and mercury vapor lights, which emit light in a color spectrum that moths find irresistible. These types of lights can be ordered online at relatively low cost.
  1. Moths need a surface to rest on. White sheets are often used. Hang a sheet over clothes line or between two trees, and shine the light on it. An outside wall also works well if your light is set up near a house or a building.
  1. Wait for the moths to come to your light so you can observe and photograph them.
You can also do a process called "sugaring" where you make an irresistible snack for the moths out of sugar, overripe fruit and beer! They love it and flock to it!

Since I didn't manage to find any moths myself, I guess it is time to conjure up my own!

I recently discovered these pretty little polymer clay wings from Gabrielle Buchanan of BStrung and thought that they needed no other embellishment than some wire wrapping and some pretty beads to bling it up.

These gorgeous faceted ruby moonstone AB nuggets are some of my favorite stones. The AB finish gives them some flash, which is hard to photograph. I love the shape of these wings and the very graphic punch that the painting has. I am smitten with all of them!

It reminds me a bit of this Cecropia Moth in pattern instead of colors. But wouldn't it be marvelous if they were in those neon colors?

Were you inspired to create some moth earrings this month? I hope so! Let's share!


  1. Love the moth wings that you have conjured up. The beads that you have used to make your earrings look gorgeous - dainty and glorious at the same time

  2. Erin, the polymer wings are gorgeous! I agree that they need nothing more to make them complete. I do love your use of the wire and little seeds, very pretty. I went to BStrung and don't see any components for sale. Is it perhaps something she did especially for you? They are really colorful and would be so much fun to work with. I also wondered how you attached the wire since I don't see any holes? Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful inspiration Erin. And lovely earrings. I agree, these gorgeous polymer wings doesn't need much more than what you did with them.

  4. Beautifully vivid! Fabulous colours!

  5. I loved the inspiration this month and am just swooning over the polymer clay wings you used! So colorful and fun... and great wire wrapping too. Wonderful!!

  6. So pretty! I love all the colors on these sets of wings :) I've seen just a few so far here, but they tend to want to dive into the fire pit, which isn't good for them :(..... like a moth to a flame.