Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gold Fish

My apologies for writing this post so late in the day. I've been under the weather and totally zonked out on the day/date! Last year we bought (as a gift to my in-laws) a really nice wall clock that also shows the day and the date all in one spot. Both my hubby and I keep saying that we should get one for ourselves, as one day just seems to seamlessly blend with the next.

Does this happen to you too, at home? Not having a set Monday-Friday type of schedule really messes with us at times lol

Without further delay, here's the earrings I wanted to share with you today :)

I call them Gold Fish, although not quite in the traditional sense of the name, but you get my drift:

I found this cool pair of almost pink-gold opal-like artisan lampwork beads in my stash (I apologize, I do not remember who I purchased these from, as it was many years ago)... but their color played so well with my handmade Polymer Clay "Sunset" color-scheme Tropical Fish charms that I had to use them. I wanted to pair them with gold-filled wire and beautiful TierraCast (lead-free) gold-tone pewter. They are suspended on Niobium Ear Wires.

I wanted to showcase the gorgeous wispy feel of the lampwork glass beads, so I decided to simply suspended by the side instead of the more traditional 'up-down' direction. I'm really pleased how they turned out - I'm a big fan of pink and gold together :)

What are you favorite color combinations for Fall and Winter coming up? Any favorites? I'm really attracted to rich plums and blues, with copper...

I'm going to list these in my Etsy shop by the weekend. I'm catching up on a few other things first. Chronic Illnesses have been ruling our schedule for the past 16 months, gotta go with the flow at the moment.

Thank you for reading!
Happy up-coming Long Weekend to my fellow Canucks ;)

Nathalie Lesage
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  2. Nathalie, I totally understand what you mean with one day seamlessly blend with the next. My husband and I both have companies, so we work when there is work. Meaning....almost everyday of week. And before you know it, a week, month, year have passed already.
    Your earrings are beautiful as always. Pink and gold, definitely a wonderful color combo. And showcasing the lampies the way you did, very clever.

  3. Love, love, LOVE these earrings, Nathalie!