Friday, August 11, 2017

Gone Industrial....

Hi everyone.  I have been making lots of new earrings for my upcoming earrings only FB show.  I always make several pairs of the same design with slight variations....I keep making the same design until I'm either bored or I run out of supply.  In this case, I ran out of the Petra connectors.

A group shot, just because 😄

1. with a pair of vintage raw brass filigree beads.

2. With little chunks of tanzanite

3. with little druzy geode chunks

4. and with peace beads

These plus many more will be available in my FB show on Wednesday the 16th from 9pm BST/4PM EST in The Earrings Show group.  Hope you can pop over.

See you again soon.

Suhana 💜💜💜

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  1. What a beautiful collection Suhana. Beautiful long and the combination of beads and colors in each pair have got the perfect flow. I can imagine you will have great success with these in your show. Good luck and lots of fun

  2. Beautiful earrings! They are so regal----like something a queen would wear.

  3. Love your designs, very original and so beautiful! <3

  4. These are so original and inventive. I love them! Hope you do well on your FB trunk show!

  5. I just love these--brilliant, Suhana! These will go like the proverbial hotcakes (and they're much prettier than hotcakes!). Have a banging show! <3

  6. Now I know who nabbed all of these!! lol If I had to lose them, glad it was you. Great designs. Have a great show!

    1. Thanks Norbel, I did. I went looking for a few that were left but someone else was faster than me 😁

  7. Ohhhh gorgeous goodies!!! love your designs, always, and these do not disappoint either!!