Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Try Love One Another Right Now

Do you remember that old (mid 60's) Youngbloods tune, whose refrain goes -

Get Together

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now.

I was feeling burdened, after Charlottesville, to find a concrete way to "Try to love one another right now".  It is easy to sink into despair, and despair leads to inaction.  I thought about what talents or skills I have and how they might be used to combat hatred and promote respect and compassion among us.
Designing jewelry, in and of itself, didn't seem to be the answer.  But after some reflection, I realized that I could donate all the proceeds from my heart themed jewelry to a good cause.  I chose the Southern Poverty Law Center, which works promote tolerance and seeks justice for the most vulnerable among us. 
I only had 3 heart themed items in my shop when I first got this idea, last week.  But I've been adding new pieces nearly every day since then.  I've already sold one heart bracelet and have sent that check off to the Southern Poverty Law Center!

I wanted to continue adding to the heart section of my shop, so I designed today's earrings to fit the bill.  I've been playing around with the idea of combining Wooly Wire with ball chain for awhile.  I had several false starts at first, but I'm pretty happy with these.  You can find these earrings in my shop  along with 8 other heart themed earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

- For a great article from the Southern Poverty Law Center, I recommend reading: Ten Ways To Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide.

Linda Landig Jewelry


  1. Thank you Linda, for this wonderful post and your generosity. I cannot find the words to describe how I felt about the terrible things that happened in Charlottesville. I still cannot believe how people can hate other people, based only on their religion, color of skin etc. Without even knowing them.
    Your earrings are lovely. Very clever to combine ball chain with wooly wire.

  2. What a wonderful idea Linda. And beautiful earrings too xx

  3. Great idea for how to use wooly wire. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I admire your commitment to doing something to make a difference. I love these earrings, for the color and texture and the blue (rather than traditional red) hearts. This proves that your heart is, indeed, in the right place! Even if we can't do everything, we can each do something. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Linda, this is a terrific idea, and I'm so glad you chose the SPLC as your good cause! They have been working tirelessly for almost 50 years to make sure that the dream of equal rights for all could become real for everyone (despite the desire of some groups to flout the laws passed to ensure that). We all saw in Charlottesville a few weeks ago that some of those groups are still around and in fact have grown stronger now in the current political atmosphere.

    Your earrings are beautiful, and I think your idea of donating your heart-themed jewelry profits to the SPLC is brilliant and generous and deeply heart-felt. Love to you!!

  6. Just beautiful - the sentiment, and the gorgeous earrings

  7. Linda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful self with us. . . it's true that we can so easily become paralyzed when feeling hopeless and helpless. Doing something active in a positive direction not only helps you and helps the charity involved, but sharing it in this way encourages and inspires the rest of us to find our own way of helping. Thank you so much for being proactive! Much love to you.

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  9. What a sweet idea Linda <3 Beautiful designs and what a wonderful cause xoxo