Friday, September 19, 2014

We're All Ears :: September Reveal

My color palette for this month was very earthy shades of moss green, brown and tan, with touches of a light aqua and copper and brass metals. I wanted to honor the spirit of the forest and the wonder that these tiny worlds hold, the forest that is teeming with life. There is a softness in these furry mosses, a curve to the landscape of these tree trunks, an organic patina to these miniature peaks and valleys.

A seed pod holds within it all the makings of a plant or a tree. What a marvel those tiny seeds are! There is so much potential within.

Seedling Springs Forth
polymer clay fractured beads - JKD Studio
pearl head pins, hand painted bead caps
Vintaj wire, brass ear wires

Like a seed bringing forth new life, these silken roots reach deep down as if seeking a place to take hold and push their way through the crowded forest floor.

Deep Roots 

polymer clay - Humblebeads
wood plank beads
silken Japanese knotting cords on Vintaj brass wires

 Once the seed takes root and beats the odds of growing tall and strong toward the light, the leaves provide the shelter and the wings to make this regal beauty flutter.

Breathe Out The Sky

 hand patinaed flower bead caps and leaves
glass peanut beads
copper ear wires

What inspired you about the Macro World photography? Do share!

Let's see what you created!
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  1. This is my first time submitting, but I've been following this blog for a while. I love the story of growth and nature your designs are telling. It's a wonderful interpretation of the theme.

  2. Oh wow Erin, you've outdone yourself!! I love them all but I think I'm really partial to the last pair! They invoke the look of the Lichen beautifully!!

  3. Awesome designs Erin! The poems and the thought that went into the making of each pair is truly inspiring! I too am partial to the last pair!

  4. Love your earrings, Erin! While the last pair are the ones I'd wear all the time, I'm really drawn to the second pair.... so cool! Thanks for giving us such great inspiration this month!

  5. Its sad that i couldnt participate this month, but i'll go around and look at everyone's work

  6. Your earrings are all lovely. I enjoyed this challenge and had fun digging in my stash for just the right components.

  7. Beautiful designs Erin! Each captured unique and wonderful elements from the inspiration photos.

  8. Erin, I don't know where to begin. The lovely progression of the pieces from seed to roots to leaves? The gorgeous, rich photography? The thoughtful poems? The stunning earrings? I love them all! Your creative artistry is truly an inspiration. Bravo!!!

  9. I love the post, the earrings, everything! Thank you for offering us such beautiful inspiration.

  10. Fabulous inspiration and such gorgeous earrings! I was hoping to participate but time got away on me, sigh :(

  11. gorgeous earrings! I love the second pair....

  12. its amazing i love the post with rich photography and good inspiration