Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big Sky Blues

I picked up two pairs of Kristen Steven's awesome beaded links when I saw her at Bead Fest in August.  I actually haven't made very much jewelry in the month since then.  My focus has been on learning more about ceramics.  But I can't go too long without feeling the tug of of my love of jewelry design.
Beaded Links by Beadwork By KAS
So for these earrings, I dangled some semi-translucent, sapphire colored, Czech glass beads from Kristen's beaded links.
I discovered that my Montana Blue Swarovski crystals were a perfect match with the beaded links, so when I made the ear wires, I added bit of sparkle to them with the matching crystals.
 In my dreams, I'd love to wear these earrings with this outfit-
But realistically, I think these earrings would be stunning with something like this-
The Big Sky Blues earrings can be seen in my shop now.



  1. I love both the outfits that you have chosen to be dressed up by your earrings - the first spells boho queen while the second is everyday chic.

  2. I adore Kristen's Rings!! And the earrings are fab!! And that Sweater/Coat is amazing!!!

  3. The earrings are beautiful Linda! I love the beaded links. The color really plays off the blue in the Czech beads- I had never noticed before. And the bronze or brass wire also really brings out that color in the beads. The crystals are perfect! I love that you made the ear wires! Great job!

  4. Ohhh very very pretty earrings! I love the added touch of the Montana Blue Swarovski Crystals (a perfect match indeed), beautiful original design and great outfits to match too! Love it!

  5. Those beaded links are fabulous! I love the pearly with the glassy finishes here, and the two slightly different tones of teal--love tone-on-tone!