Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flower Drop Earrings with Kyanite Gemstones

These little flower charms were created from fine silver wire. Hammered out and then stamped with the flower images. I love these Kyanite stones for their pale blue, kind of rustic color with that little bit of shimmer. A really pretty stone. I think this shade of blue can match with so many other colors too. Which makes it nice... The hammered head-pins are also fine silver. Originally little balls, I decided to hammer them out for a little added character. Ear wires are sterling silver, handcrafted.

These earrings, along with a matching necklace are available at Art and Soul Jewelry. 

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  1. I love Kyanite and these are gorgeous gemstones and beautiful metalwork as well Cindy, just stunning!!

  2. I thought that the components were casted before I read your description of it being just hammered wire - The earrings are really beautiful

  3. Beautiful earrings Cindy! I love the blue Kyanite stones, such a pretty blue. Your metalwork is amazing!

  4. Love the simplicity of these! The blue kyanite is heavenly, and your wire wrapping is, as always, impeccable!

  5. Gorgeous - and I love those little kyanites!

  6. These kyanite earrings are just soooooooo very pretty!! I absolutely love the color of the stones, and the beautiful design!