Monday, September 15, 2014

Dragonfly Earrings

I created these dragonfly earrings as a gift for my mom.  She always wears a pair of Humblebeads earrings when she wants to feel close to me since we live on opposite ends of the country. I love that a pair of earrings can make someone feel like they have a little hug from you whenever they need it!

The dragonfly charms are from White Clover Kiln and paired up with a Humblebeads leafy disk beads. I kept the design simple with brass accents that pull in the color from the branches.

I couldn't help but think handmade scarves are another beautiful gift that feel like a hug from the giver. I found two that would go perfectly with the dragonfly fly earrings. This minty knitted creation is from Jamie Sierra Knits.

And for those Southern girls, like my mom in New Orleans, here is a scarf that is a piece of art! I love these hand-painted creations from D*E Silks.


  1. Beautiful earrings. I love the little clay beads - the colors and patterns are lovely! And pair perfectly with the ceramic charms!

  2. Beautiful color combo and design! (gorgeous scarves too!) I also really like the little clay beads. They are adorable! Well done!!

  3. Gorgeous earrings! I love the color and design.

  4. Your mom is down by me...well, 3 hrs away! Great earrings and scarves to go with them!

  5. Sweet earrings - and a sweet story about their design!

  6. What a sweet thought that your mom can keep you close! Enjoy the day! Erin