Friday, March 15, 2019

We're All Ears ::March :: Leaping Greenly!

This is going to be short and sweet. I didn't get started on my greens until after my daughter left for her spring break trip to Florida. I am so jealous that she is soon to see grass and palm trees and flowers and sand and water. We are in a funk of dirty grey snow as far as the eye can see. So this month's challenge is all about hope for me, Hope that spring will be just around the corner!

So earlier tonight (it is just about 1 am as I am typing this), I pulled together all the green art beads I could find. I didn't have as many art beads in green as I had hoped, but I found a few.

I wanted to make three pairs, but I ran into a snag with one pair and had to abandon it to save my sanity. I ended up with just two pairs this time.

This first pair has some lovely ceramic headpins from Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Designs in a juicy crisp apple green. I found these bead frames that are sort of off-center and added some rizo beads in a great garnet shade of red with an iridescent finish. They remind me of seeds in a pod. Seeds are fascinating because of all the potential that is within waiting to burst into life.

For these I wanted to use the tablet glass beads from Sue Kennedy of SueBeads. They have a larger hole, so it was a struggle to get them to not wobble. I solved that by putting a bugle bead inside. They still spin a bit, but they don't wobble anymore! I stacked them on top of these nice heavy brass triangle bead frames and thought a pop of color would liven these up, so I found these pink coral beads, a bit of bling with the rhinestone rondelles and then some ceramic beads in classic blue-white combo. At the top I threaded some African tribal brass tubes for some texture. These feel like they are begging for a sun dress and a walk on a beach!

Your turn! Let's see what you made to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day (March 17!) plus the return of Spring (March 20!). It is returning...right?!


  1. I love the fun shapes you achieved with both your green designs. Placing beaded inside of those circles in the first one turned out beautifully. And, the color combinations you picked for both of these is so unique too. Beautifully done, as always!

  2. Love those off center bead frames. Very unique and interesting earrings.

  3. Beautiful earring pairs, I love the little things that bring more interest to the pieces, like the addition of the off-center bead frames, the coral beads, and the brass tubes. And your trick with the bugle beads - brilliant!

  4. Both pairs are very funky, the first one more so :) Magical spring designs!

  5. Both pairs are lovely, but I am so loving your The Promise Within earrings. Thank you for a wonderful challenge Erin!

  6. The Promise Within is my favorite of the two. The Rizzo beads were an inspired idea. The earrings look great.

    Thank you for the wonderful challenge.

  7. The first pair looks like a glass bowl of yummy fruit salad to me. The green discs remind me of green apple and the red, pomegranate seeds

  8. Beautiful designs both! Well done!

    I didn’t know about this blog hop! Now I have to go rummage through my beads......

  9. Wonderful earrings. They both are so different. You always know how to ad the extra details that make these earrings perfection.
    I so intended to participate this month. Having made special polymer clay beads. Argh, didn't read the challenge well enough, not enough green in my beads. Well. next month there will be a new chance. Thank you Erin for always be such an inspiration.