Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Out of Africa

This weekend I'm taking part in a show I've been planning for ages - Out of Africa. I haven't made much tribal jewellery for a couple of years but it's one of my favourite styles. I had a whole collection named for Conrad's novel 'Heart of Darkness' about 6 years ago so it felt like time to revisit. I've made quite a lot of pieces with old African beads that Kimberly Rogers sourced for me at last month's Tucson Bead Show and the lovely Claire Lockwood, who was over there staying with Kim, brought them back for me in her luggage. What it is to have beady mates, and to choose your stock via Messenger!

The pair I'm showing you today are typically African in style, with vibrant yet earthy colours and textures, and plenty of movement.

Beautifully enamelled brass work by Candam Imrak is complemented by a fringe of rich red amber - vintage from my mums collection - on copper ball end headpins with tiny brown, lilac and gold seed beads. Hand made pure copper earwires finish them nicely.

Do join us over in facebookland in The Very Nice Group from Friday evening - I'm in good company, with Helen Backhouse, Lucy Haslam, Susan Schmidt Moran and Julia Hay. We plan  a virtual tour of the dark continent, from the Souks of Marrakech to the plains of Kenya, the treasures of Cairo to the sands of the Kalahari. And after that, I'll see you in two weeks.
Lindsay x


  1. Oh my goodness Lindsay, these are adorable. Yep, I can picture myself walking in Marrakech with these earrings.

  2. Oh, Mommy! love them!!!! Her enamel is just the right mix of rustic/boho, so cool to work with.

  3. Stunning! And I love that Claire was your Bead Mule :-)