Monday, March 4, 2019

Dark hearts

Blimey...where does the time go! I know it's the beginning of March and I should be making earrings inspired by Spring. Unfortunately, I've never been terribly good at doing "seasonal"...

So these gorgeous ceramic ball and heart drops are by Petra Carpreau and they are clearly much better suited to a February post and Valentine's Day...Sorry!
The hearts have a gorgeous deep red glaze, and grungy feel to them. I thought I'd dress up the connecting bits of wire with some pretty silver seed beads to match the silver ceramic ball.

 And, of course -there have to be hoops. Beautiful dark oxidised brass hoops to frame the ceramic pretties and add some extra swing.
So there we have it! Dark hearts. Nothing to do with Spring, but I hope you like them anyway. There'll be in my showcase at the end of this month, over on The Earrings Show.. 
See you in a couple of weeks :-)
Sue x


  1. These are gorgeous mrs, and as for the seasons ha!! We’ve had glorious sunshine then winds rain and sleet all in one week xx

  2. Ah, love these. You always have clever ways to use seed beads.

  3. These are bloomin' brilliant!! I can just imagine the swinginess of 'em. I have some more swingers in mind for this month.....!XOXOX:0)<3

  4. I absolutely love this design from tip to toe!