Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sunshine, Showers and The Tempest

It's been an odd sort of week, weatherwise. At the beginning of last week we were out on our bikes in warm sunshine; by weekend, it was back to rain, sleet and hailstones. Tonight we have a mini storm, and there will be some fences down by morning - hopefully, not ours as we had to replace them all at a similar time a couple of years ago. So this weeks earrings represent the weather - sunshine yellow, rainy blue and stormy soldered silver.    
The beads are, of course, Basha Beads; nothing quite like them for magical depth of colour, with gold, blue, and aqua all vying for attention. The headpins are Lucy Haslam's 'punkies'; copper, soldered with bits of recycled silver - here I bent them sideways, to form an interesting shape, and from them dangle vintage oxidised silver chain and swarowski crystals.

So there you have it - this weeks weather, condensed into a pair of earrings! In my Etsy shop now.

 See you in a couple of weeks, by which time, we will have hit Spring. Hope all is well in your world!

                                                                          Lindsay x

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  1. Beautiful! Those Basha Beads are exceptional!

    1. Thanks Michelle - Bashas always make a design special. X

  2. Ohhhh, these are gorgeous. Those Basha Beads are indeed something else. Love what you did with Lucy's punkies.

  3. They’re so beautiful Lindsay!!! ❤️

  4. Blimey, it really has been a wild weather week! These are beautiful.