Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Beautiful Buds

Hello lovely ones how are you all? Have you survived the storms ? Or have you been basking in the February sunshine (two words you never thought you would hear together  ,February and sunshine)
Here in Wild and wonderful Wales we have had it all sun,rain storms and apparently now snow!!!!
Because of the unusual sunshine we have been sat in the garden quite a bit in the last week and I couldn't help but notice the abundance of buds that are popping out all over my wild garden.
It's marvellous to see these tiny green pops of colour among the greys and murky browns of winter ,it gives a new colour pallet with different textures and of course the hope of Spring.
So yes I'm on the green road again ....I just love green so many different hues and tones !!

Yes I know " get on with it Lucy stop waxing lyrical about green lol"
I've had these gorgeous lampwork headpins from Karin Hruza for quite a while but couldn't seem to find the right partners for them .....until....these beautiful honey amber nuggets appeared.
Ooooo they are just scrummy rich and tactile.

They complement the wonderful apple green of Karin's headpins and bring out a iridescent glow.

I've added some of my aged copper twiddled discs ,and wire wrapped these glorious lush honey nuggets above,then a tiny pop of almost lime green to make them sing,hung from my tiny maze aged copper earwires.

I think these little pretties will make the change from winter to spring very easy,copper and green go so well and these amazing headpins have now at last found their partners.
Love and hugs to you all 
Lucy from Faerystone 


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  2. Positively bursting with life!

  3. Your posts always brings a huge smile in my face Lucy! And these earrings are so lovely! A gorgeous combination of colors and textures.

    1. Ahhhh thanks sweetie ,haven't made in ages so was really chuffed with how these went together xxx

  4. Very festive! Lovely

  5. One of my favorite color combinations - I also love tiny clusters of beads! Lindsay is right, "bursting with life'.

  6. love these Lucy. Perfect for Spring