Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Midnight Sky

I had fun making today's earrings. I've had the blue sparkly beads for many years, but never found the right thing to pair them with, till now.  The red and silver flower beads are a new acquisition and they were just what I needed.
 The midnight blue glass beads are from Vienna - known worldwide for it's long history of making outstanding glass. What appears as tiny white flecks in the photos, is actually a glittering, metallic material in the glass, called aventurine. Whether in daylight or candlelight, these Viennese glass beads shine and sparkle! 
Legend has it that aventurine glass was invented by accident when a Viennese glass artist spilled copper filings into a batch of molten glass. The glass that resulted from that happy mistake was named aventurine.  "A ventura" is Italian for by chance. The deep blue of the beads reminds me of the night sky, strewn with hundreds of twinkling stars.

The blue beads are topped by bright red flowers that are accented by a metallic, silver wash that adds to the shimmer from the Viennese glass. Silver metal spacers are nestled on both ends of the blue glass beads. The Night Sky Earrings are available in my shop.