Thursday, June 1, 2017

Garden Friends

We've had so much rain this Spring, that it seems now, we have much more little creepy crawlies and all sorts of 'friends' popping over in the garden... One of my favorite garden friends are beautiful  dragonflies!

I wanted to make some jewelry components that featured these cuties, and so I've created a handful of handmade dragonflies earring drops, and decided to use a pair to make these fun lightweight earrings:

The great part about making my own polymer clay colors is that I can pretty much 'match' any other component that I plan on using. In this case, I had this gorgeous green hemp cord that I wanted to use in some fun summery designs. It was perfect to use with the design I wanted to create:

A pair of my handmade green/blue dragonfly earring drops, Greek ceramic beads in dark blue, tiny seed beads in blue, and small TierraCast gold-tone rustic spacer beads, on fabulous green hemp cord.

The light flurry of beads/cords at the bottom represents that flutter effect that I feel/see when they fly around in the garden, like a light trail of happiness that they spread around.

Oh happy happy Summer Days....

What are your favorite garden critters?

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Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend!
Nathalie Lesage

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  1. Oh these are fabulous Nathalie. Such lovely colours. When we had a pond, we had so many frogs, dragonflies and damselflies, but no more. Plenty of birds, too many snails! My favourite would be a hedgehog.

    1. Thank you Lindsay! Hedgehogs are too stinkin' cute! They have such adorable faces lol Yes, plenty of birds here too. We have too many slugs around here.

  2. I love the soft green with the blue in these. Beautiful Nathalie. It is wonderful that you can make your own components. I love birds. And hedgehogs. And dragonflies... I guess you can tell I do not have a favorite.

    1. Thank you Janine! I'm also hard pressed to pick a favorite, but I particularly enjoy watching the bees feeding on the lavender by my studio's window.

  3. Gorgeous, Nathalie!! Rich, rich colors...and I'm very partial to dragonflies too. In fact, one of my favorite critters is the beautiful bright red dragonflies that show up here in Sacramento in summer. They love the passion flower and morning glory blooms on the fence outside of my studio. When they're there it's hard to get any work done, as I'm standing by the window gawking at them! xoxo

  4. I really love these, Nathalie! I love the movement I'm sure they have with the hemp fluttering around. Great polymer pieces also. And I've never seen that incredible deep blue Greek bead. Awesome. A beautiful mix of colors, that creates a summer feeling. great job!