Wednesday, June 28, 2017

La Serenissima

La Serenissima - the 'most serene republic' of Venice. Unbelievably, it was only two weeks ago I was there with my sister (her 65th birthday treat), my brother in law and him indoors. It's the time of the Bienniale, and the city is full of art installations.

Do you find the same - once you get home, back to the routines of work, child care or whatever takes up your busy day, holidays seem to fade quickly? Thank heavens photographs enable you to relive the highlights.

I'd intended to write this week's blog about my visit and spent the days searching for inspiration for the earrings.

The first thing that strikes you in Venice is the colours.  The lagoon and canals - the blues and greens of the water, the black and gold of the gondolas lined up at sunset ready for the evening; and the buildings lining the Grand Canal - many of them old palazzos, some still family homes, some hotels.  Terracotta, sepia, peach, cream, white. The green of the algae where building meets water. Every one majestic.

              The colours are alive in my head. And in my photos. Still, no idea for earrings!

We arrive home to a pile of mail, among which were packages from Linda Younkman and Patricia Ritchie. Have a brew, open the packages. Never mind unpacking - that can wait!   And there they were, waiting to be put together. In Linda's enamels were all the colours I had been looking at for the last four days - and the black waves - they were the gondolas, lined up at sunset, the moon rising over the grand Canal. Echoed perfectly by Patricia's lampwork.

I'll be back in  three days, as I'm covering a spare day - and I'll be looking at another important and very old tradition in Venice - masks. Hope to see you then.
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  1. Lindsey you photo looks magical. Venice looks amazing. The earring pairing is stunning. Thanks for making my enamels look soo fantastic. What a beautiful pair of earrings and a great story.

  2. Thankyou Linda! All a great pleasure xx

  3. Venice is so famous for its beads. Did you get any while you were there? Will we see them here on the blog?

    1. Actually, I didn't. I can't claim to be a fan of murano glass - or at least, not of any that I saw in the shops there.

  4. What a wonderful post Lindsay. Great pictures (Of Venice and your earrings). And your earrings are magical, just like Venice. Beautiful colors

  5. Beautiful earrings and great post!

  6. Lindsay, thank you so much for sharing that piece of Venice with us. And you are so right on with the earrings. Perfect! It's quite a magical place. . . Please forgive my delay in commenting.