Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A New Riff on the Criffles - Topsy Turvy

Many of the components I make aren't exactly matching.
That's the case with a batch of polymer clay pieces I made.
I love how they automatically lend themselves to asymmetrical designs.
I am especially fond of reverse placement in my designs on earring pairs.
Balanced yet more compelling to my eyes with the different placement of the components.
Paired with some of my lampwork "criffle" discs
Topsy and turvy (hmm, those words by themselves are just a bit weird. I think I've felt both topsy and turvy at different times)

These earrings have lots of splash and length but are very lightweight.
How about you? Do you like designing asymmetrically?
Thanks for visiting and Happy Summer creating!
Kimberly Rogers of NuminosityBeads


  1. I LOVE these earrings, Kim! I would love to have a set of polyclay components like those to design with. Seems to me asymmetry gives you a broader for your design. At any rate, it's fun. :) xoxo

  2. Thanks Meridy, I'll see what I can come up with for you to look at.
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment!
    xo Kim

  3. These are beautiful!! I don't make a lot of asymmetrical designs, must change that 😁

  4. Kim, absolutely!! I love creating asymmetrically in the same way you made these earrings. I often use the reverse thing even when the earrings are symmetrical, say if there are dangles. i will make one dangle of five beads in a certain order, and the other one in the opposite order. It's not noticed most of the time I'm sure, but it feels good! I love love these earrings. More of those gorgeous polymer pieces should be in your shop! And then in my cart! And then on the way to my house! ;) thanks for posting!!

  5. These are so great Kimberly. I wish I could do asymmetrical and crunchy the way you do. A look I so love, but still not able to create. So I will be drooling over your gorgeous earrings. One day!

    1. Ok, I don't mean crunchy LOL, silly typo. I mean grungy, but not even sure it says what I mean LOL

  6. How fun! Gorgeous colors and design. I'm definitely a fan of topsy turvy!