Friday, June 16, 2017

We're All Ears :: June Reveal :: Lightning Bugs + Fireflies

After spending almost a whole week in Milwaukee for the Bead & Button show and turning around this week to chaperone 10 dancers at a pre-collegiate dance invitational, that didn't leave much room for making earrings. But it is my party, so I have to be sure that at least I set up the space to allow everyone else to have fun!

I decided to whip up two pairs of earrings: one inspired by the look and shape of the actual firefly beetle, and the other inspired by the lights dancing around in the night forest. (To see the inspiration, please click here.)

I gave myself one hour to make, photograph and post. A true quickfire challenge!

Here is the first pair called Lampein for the Greek word that their species, Lampyridae, comes from and literally means "to shine," It is funny that this rather unassuming and rather drab looking winge beetle (they are not flies at all!) can produce such a wonderful nighttime light show!

And the second pair I made is called Flashy Flirt for the playful way they do their mating dance in the dark of the forest.

Now it is your turn! If you made some earrings for the Firefly challenge, please share your link below. If you didn't make any and want to do your own quickfire challenge, please join in the fun! The LinkTools will be open for one week. And don't forget to hop around and see all the fun nighttime summertime earrings that were made!


  1. Erin thank you so much for your wonderful earring challenge each month! And these earrings are gorgeous!

  2. These are both truly beautiful. The second pair brings lightning bugs to mind immediately! The shapes are wonderful. Thank you for all the time and energy you use challenging us. Your imagination goes on and in! :) Hugs.

  3. I looked at that first pair and immediately pictured the firefly beetle, then looked at the second pair and was reminded of the little cartoons the teachers used when we learned all about fireflies. These are perfect

  4. I love how your first pair looks like a firefly--very clever! The second set is a perfect representation of them also. Great job especially with time constraints.

  5. The 1st pair does look like an upside down beetle :))). Cute!
    I love the dark blue rondelles you used in the 2nd pair: perfect with the yellow beads. Thank you for the challenge! It's been my little escape after tiring days at work!

  6. Thanks for the Challenge Erin. It was a great opportunity to use insect related components

  7. Oh, I adore what you made. That second pair especially speak to me of fireflies dancing in the dark. Beautifully done! Thanks so much for the challenge. While my earrings are a little more literal and kid-like, they're exactly what I envisioned when you issued the challenge and inspiration. Thanks again!

  8. Another fun challenge, Erin! Both pairs are adorable... love the way the first pair looks like a beetle with dangling antennae! The second pair is a great combination of elements with a flashy glow that definitely makes me think firefly!

  9. I'm a bit late to the party (ha! I got my days mixed up), but I wanted to say thank you for a fun challenge! Your earrings, as always, are lovely! (I'm completely in love with your second pair... so pretty!)