Monday, June 12, 2017

And yet another make-over :)

Currently I am not only going through my somewhat enormous stash of beads and "force" myself to use some long-hoarded ones. I am also going through my inventory and select pieces which haven't found a new home for quite some time. Which I take apart and try to make something from the beads.

Yesterday I decided to take this pair apart and create something new with the beads. I made this pair in 2015.
To challenge myself even more I allowed myself to only grab two boxes of my bead stash to see what I could use.
They were made with glass headpins from Earthshinebeads, lampwork disc beads from Debbie Sanders, some Czech glass and vintage lucite

And I found some wonderful beads in the two boxes to create my first pair with the glass headpins and Czech donut. I used some lampwork glass, Swarovski crystal rondelles and Czech glass. 
I love Malin's stacked earrings. She definitely is the stack earring queen to my opinion. This pair is an attempt to make a pair of my own.

For the second pair I combined the glass disc and vintage lucite with sari silk, Czech glass and silverplated bead caps.
These are longer ones as the previous pair, but lightweight and comfortable to wear.

What do you think? I believe the new pairs have much more character than the original one. 
These will be available in my shop in a short while.
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  1. Janine! From one came two! It's always fun to see how we change. Both pairs have wonderful character, they're pretty, striking, and appear very wearable. The stack!! I love them. And will be trying my hand soon too. I agree with your opinion on Malin's stacking abilities. Thank you for letting us in on your challenges. I know that these pieces don't come in a kit. It takes lots of time. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Norbel! I would love to see your take on stack earrings. With your talent no doubt they will be gorgeous. And it is indeed great to see how we all grow. For me it is also fun to see I grow in taking pictures ;-)

  2. Dear Janine... Wow!!! I just love these earrings... especially the first pair with the copper ear wires and czech donuts! I like their shorter length and their wonderful array of colors with sparkle. Just because earrings are shorter in length doesn't mean they have to lack pizazz! The second pair... lovely too. I can imagine a person with long hair and a slight tan wearing them... very tropical in my opinion. Thank you for sharing. It's so interesting to me to see how you took one pair of earrings and changed them up into two completely different/unique pairs. Keep creating! Hugs! xo

    1. Thank you so much Denise for your comment and your continuous support. Much appreciated! I think I favor the first pair a bit as well. I think I might try stacking more often.

  3. Ohhhhh pretty pretty pretty!!! That's a wonderful idea, and I agree that both the new pairs of earrings have more pizzas! The shorter pair is fantastic and has a ton of character. I've got to try making shorter stacked earrings too. They are so much fun :)

    The longer design is also really gorgeous! You've got something for everyone :)

    1. Thank you Nathalie :) Shorter stacked earring are definitely fun to make :)

  4. Janine, I love the idea of taking apart an earlier pair of earrings and seeing what you can make from its elements and bits from your stash--and I love what you created! The most surprising thing is that the two pairs you made are so totally different...both beautiful! I may have to try a challenge like this myself! xoxo

    1. Thank you Meridy :) And I love to see your take on the this challenge :)