Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I really love these!

Hello everyone. I do hope your week is off to a great start.

This is one of those longer posts I find myself writing now and then. 😃

While making, every once in a while something magical happens and I remember very clearly what it is that I love so much about creating. Those of you who are makers will understand, I think, and I'm sure there are many other things in life that others can relate to, things that create the same feeling: maybe holding your grandchild; sitting with your favorite pet on your lap or at your feet while reading a great book; looking out at the water on a clear, crisp, fall day, trees filled with colorful leaves. That last one is another one for me. They are incredibly special times that create emotions that at least I don't live with regularly. But it's also something that is difficult for me to put into words.

I say every once in a while because for me that is how it works. It is not something that happens every time I create something, even if I love the result. There are many days where it is nothing more than a practice of habit. . . . . I sit at my worktable, pull out a hundred and one things and try to "feel" what works that day. And that can change from one hour to the next. Something I'm excited about can quickly turn to "what was I thinking" after frustration and a break away help me see things more clearly.

But this day, these earrings, the magic happened.

I had these sweet bell ceramic pieces fired with a glazed called "Poppy Fields" for only a week or two. They were made by friend-to-many and Ceramic Artisan Petra Carpreau of ScorchedEarthOnEtsy. These were not the only pieces I had out on my worktable. At least a half dozen others and I was not at all focused on anything when for whatever reason the rusted tin ceiling tiles that I cherish crossed my mind. And it simply took off from there.

I knew I wanted thin strips, not really sure yet what I was going to pair them with. I cut them out and as I was shaping and filing, the bells became the focus. My idea was to use white acrylic paint to give them a "whitewash" kind of look but pulled out colorants made by Vintaj instead. Testing the coloring on the back of one, in a split second I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It's a white/blue color named "marine."

The rest of the design went along smoothly but at this point the feeling was already there, and it lasted throughout the remainder of the making and far beyond. Even still, I get an unearthly tingle inside when I look at them. Now, I know that they are simply a pair of earrings, and they may not even be something that many will like. But the feeling doesn't depend on those things. It comes from inside. It's a joy that creating sometimes creates. It is what it is. And I am very grateful to be able to experience joy.

Like so many of us do, I spent many years of my life raising a child, earning a living, keeping a house, taking a bit of time now and then to visit with family and friends, dealing with illnesses and a whole host of other "life" happenings, and keeping so busy that I never slowed down long enough to let the mind and body completely relax and let this brand of joy come.

This feeling, this joy that I'm talking about, comes to a quiet mind. I had a brother just 18 months younger than I, until he left us much too soon at age 47, who told me how being on the golf course was the only time his mind shut down. I could not understand that because I had never experienced it, . . . until I began creating. Then I understood exactly what he meant, and what an incredible thing to be able to stop the mind from its constant meandering all over the place. It mostly ponders the past, the good, the bad and even the indifferent, things that mean absolutely nothing at the moment, rehashing old material and old emotions for no good reason whatsoever, or it ponders the future, the when this and when that, then I'll whatever. What a waste of all the brain power we have. Focusing on something one loves to do and that requires focus and concentration is incredibly healing, agree? I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I mean. :)

Back to the earrings, I debated for a bit putting the tiny, matte finish, faceted glass beads along the edge of the tin. They're a great pink with orange undertones, and I thought I would love it but was concerned about adding three more holes to the thin strip. After weighing the pros and cons, and deciding that re-making the strips was not that time consuming, that I could make them again if I had to, it was something I had to try and it worked so well. It was just another moment of "I Love These!!"

And I really do. To me they are very special. They will always be a highlight for me. . . . . at least until the next time. :)

Thank you! Thank you for stopping in; thank you for listening to the musings of my mind; and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with me, if you are so inclined.

I'll be back on the 4th of July! See you then.

Sincerely, and with wishes for joy to each of you, each and every day.
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  1. Thank you for sharing your musings and earrings Norbel. I so get what you mean. I describe that feeling as being "in the zone". It seems like designs just appear out of nowhere.
    I am so happy you experienced it again. The earrings are lovely and the glass beads along the edge just gives it the right amount of pizzaz. Bravo!!

    1. Thanks so much, Janine. I know the "zone." And then there is this other feeling that I just describe as "joy." That is how it feels to me. Thanks, as always, for your feedback!

  2. Your earrings are lovely! The feeling you describe is one that I, too, have not taken the time to experience often enough. So much of "life" seems to push out the time to experience the pure joy of creating just for the sake of creating, that feeling of time being irrelevant and nothing else being front and center for those wonderful moments. Thanks for the inspiration...I needed to be reminded today!

    1. Charmaine, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that you were inspired to remember that space. It seems much more natural for us to go through life in a whirlwind. . . . and as I get older, these moments and times spent in joy mean more than they used to. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. And I hope you find the time in a busy life to spend even just a bit more of it in that quiet mind space. Thank you. :)

  3. Beautifully said, Norbel. I know exactly what you are talking about. Also, I love your patinated strips.

    1. Lynn, thank you so much! It's really something, isn't it. :) Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to let me know. I really enjoyed making those little strips.

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  5. That feeling is sublime. As are the earrings - beautiful work, Norbel x

  6. I only make things that I would love to wear, so every single thing is the ONE...until the next time! The textures and patinas on these pieces are totally divine. Thank you for sharing your story! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I understand completely what you mean, Norbel, about the magic that can happen when we let our mind be quiet and give ourselves over to the creative process--I think it's one of the best things in life. These earrings are beautiful, and beyond that, they're special because now I know the story behind their making!

    This is such a lovely, deeply felt post that I will remember for a long time. Thank you, sweet friend! xoxo