Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Welcome Anvil Artifacts!

I’d like to thank the women of the Earrings Everyday blog for inviting me to contribute a guest post to one of my favorite blogs. Im delighted to have this opportunity to rub shoulders with this talented group of artists.

Let me introduce myself to those of you who might not be familiar with my work.
I’m Janet Loomis of AnvilArtifacts.

I suspect that I was born with an innate love of jewelry.

I began making actual wearable jewelry (as opposed to daisy necklaces, etc) in my teens
and started selling jewelry in my early twenties.

There are countless styles of jewelry that I admire and enjoy making but today Ill focus on one particular aesthetic that I especially enjoy.

My work is strongly influenced by a fascination with found objects and historical artifacts.

I’m not sure if I should attribute this to my Viking roots (as my husband refers to it) or to my
childhood wanderlust searching for mineral specimens or mangled rusty treasures while exploring my home state of Colorado. Its my natural tendency towards objects with historical significance that drives me to explore re-creating the unique textures and rich patinas found in ancient and aged objects.

I hope you’ll enjoy these examples of my quest.


Love this natural blue and green patina on these shield earrings. 

At times I pursue a feeling of age rather than a literal historical design. A botanical design roller imprinted into brass pairs beautifully with with unusual ceramic drops by
Petra Carpreau.

River tumbled copal, landscape jasper and organic beads by Lorna Oosthuizen that remind me of hypertufa pots.

Baltic Amber, acanthus leaves and lampwork by Raida Disbrow combine into earrings that look as if they might have been
excavated from Ancient Pompeii.

Ancient faces adorned with fossil blastoids and Ethiopian opals.


These earrings are from my “Ancient Hoard” series. So named due to the treatment of the metal. Ceramic fossils by Jill Stoffregen.

And finally…”Jubilation Dance of Our Ancestors” from my “Fragments of Antiquities” series.

The legs were created from fragments of
ancient Kievan Russ Viking fibulas and rings. Ceramics by Georgia Neumann and
Nadia Karapencheva.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a peek at my ancient inspired earrings.
Thank you for spending a bit of your day with me.

More of my work can be seen at my two online Etsy stores;
on my Instagram and Pinterest pages
and on my blog.
These can all be accessed via my website 

I’d be delighted if you stop by and say hello.


  1. Wonderful Janet=ty examples! As always, the biggest thanks for making my tiddlers look so good!!! XXX:O)<3

    1. Thank you dear Petra! So nice of you to think that, but as you know, my work is inspired by yours. :) Xoxo

  2. Hi Janet, so wonderful to see your post here! And you create amazing art. I so love that ancient look.

    1. What a lovely compliment! Thank you so much, Janine!

  3. Janet, I am so thrilled to see your incredible art here. Your work is unique and very special. Thank you so much for joining us, and gracing our blog with your talent.

    1. Many thanks Norbel for your warm welcome and kind words. It's been a joy getting to know you better while coordinating this post with you. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful to have you here, Janet! These are all so incredible - but that last pair??!! WOW! (Two and three: ditto!)

    1. Thanks much, Claire! I'm delighted to be here. Really appreciate your wonderful compliment.

  5. Hey welcome! Admired your work from afar for along time so it's great to have you nearer. And Claire, I'll fight you for that last pair x

    1. Pleased to meet you, Lindsay! Thank you for the very nice welcome and hilarious comment. Run Claire run! ;)

  6. Wow!! I love every one of your creations!!

  7. Wow!! I love every one of your creations!!

  8. Awesome to see your work and read you here! Congrats!!!

  9. Hi Janet, lovely to see you here. Looooove all your earrings but my favourite is the second pair <3

  10. Your work is distinctive and unique. So happy to have you join us! Enjoy the day! Erin