Tuesday, May 2, 2017

kaleidoscope patterns

Hello. I hope this finds all of you well.

I looked at the glass beads in these earrings so many times before finally deciding to buy them. I often do that and often miss out, not just in Czech glass but in all handmade items as well. I've learned to be really cautious about what I buy, first because I have purchased many a bead that I will likely never use, mostly in glass but not entirely. I make some very bad choices. And then there is only so much money from sales with which to purchase supplies, so I need to be cautious; don't always trust my quick judgment. 😊 But I kept being drawn back to these gorgeous multicolored beads, and when FunkyPrettyBeads was down to the last two listings, I purchased them, and I was not disappointed.

The beads were custom-made for a friend of Deb, owner of FPB, and she was able to obtain a small amount to sell in her shop. At some time in the future she may be able to have more made. I'd keep an eye out for them because they are just that cool.

When I received the blue ceramic beads by Gail & Arnold of SandCeramicBeads. . . . . bingo! is what I thought. What a perfect complement to the beads I have dubbed Kaleidoscope. The swirls of blues, greens, purple, on a tan base are as mesmerizing to me as the time spent with my eye glued  to a kaleidoscope, the ever-changing patterns and colors compelling me to continue to turn the barrel one more time. Each bead is different, the colors swirling this way and that, making them much more interesting than if they were all the same.

I accented the beads with turquoise and blue rondelles and round green glass beads, brass toned petal bead caps on both ends of the kaleidoscopes, and tiny brass beads, all wrapped with deeply oxidized copper wire, giving them that bit of a funky feel I need, and three brass-plated rings dangle from the bottom of each. 

So that's that! If you haven't taken a look through a kaleidoscope lately, don't pass it up if you have an opportunity. Colorful, filled with unusual patterns, they're really inspiring. Most of the images I found were not actual kaleidoscope images, but art created with kaleidoscopes in mind. They're pretty, no doubt, but I like the real thing better. This post made me add a kaleidoscope to my wish list.  

Thank you so very much for stopping in. As always, we love your feedback, and comments are always welcome. 

Have nothing but happy days!

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  1. Oh, how I love that you share your process! The thrift. The combining of other artist's work. The stories behind it all. Splendid earrings, Norbel!

  2. Ah yes, a kaleidoscope. I remember one of the kids of my neighbors had one and I was allowed to take a look. Mesmerizing indeed.
    Yet another great pair of earrings from you Norbel. I love every detail in these. The glass beads are gorgeous and I bet they look more gorgeous in real life. The dangling rings are a wonderful finishing touch.

  3. I had a couple of small kaleidoscopes as a child. Such fond memories of them. The colors and patterns were fabulous! Wonderful earrings. I absolutely love all the components, and the added touch of the rings at the bottom is really cool. Great work, as always! Cheers, Nat xoxo

  4. One of my favourite childhood toys too. Wonderful earrings Norbel. I went over to FunkyPrettyBeads after you showed us the lapis lazuli discs - my order just arrived and I wasn't disappointed xx