Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mermaid jewels

Some of my favorite color combos for the Summer are ocean greens and ocean blues. Add in some sparklies in the mix and I just become totally giddy lol

I like to mix things up when I create new polymer clay jewelry components, and this time around, I created some cool earring drops with fabulous glass cabochon that I have encased in polymer clay. I had those cabs saved aside to use at some point, and I figured, why not use them with Polymer Clay? I'm very happy on how each design turned out!

Here's the earrings I made with a pair of my latest handmade components:

Handmade polymer clay & glass chandelier style earring drops made by me, with little oxygen bubbles springing up all around; A mixture of Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads, there's a little flower detail on each, with a tiny silver color glass bead in the center, like the flower in the hair of a mermaid :) and I used anodized aluminum jump rings in coordinating colors. These earrings are suspended on a pair of hypo-allergenic Niobium ear wires.

I love how the colors in the glass sparkle like the sun hitting the ocean. I love the movement in the colors and the feeling that you're holding a precious treasure. These are one of a kind.... a precious treasure indeed :) The glass set up feels like you're looking into the ocean through a porthole on submarine (I used to work on one of the Atlantis submarines in the Carribean, btw! It's magical!)

If you're interested, I have a few other pairs of one of a kind glass/polymer clay components that I will be listing in my shop HERE, along with these earrings.

Which colors make your heart giddy? Do tell!! I want to know what makes your heart sing :)


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  1. WOW!!! These are, hands down, the best combination of poly clay and glass cabs I have ever seen.
    Also, can you mention where you nabbed those lovely blue jump rings?

    1. Oh thank you! This means a lot to me :) Yes, the jump rings are from The Ring Lord (online). I bought their sample pack (to get a good sampling of all the gauges/sizes and colors they offer, and they send you pairs of each). Have fun shopping! Their rings are lovely.

  2. The colors in these are amazing Nathalie. Love these!!

    1. Thank you Janine! I put them up for sale in my Etsy shop, but I'm having a hard time letting them go lol (I will get over it) xoxo

  3. Well, you won't have to go far for my favorite combinations because they are indeed every single shade of blue, green and blue/green. :) These are indeed sparkly! And work-intensive, I know. Thanks for sharing them with us.