Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This is Not Goodbye

Rather, this is just a little slide to the side. A clearing of the throat. Making room for another voice.

Over the past +3 years that I've blogged here at Earrings Everyday, I've shared some wacky stuff with you beautiful people. I've bared my soul in small, scary ways that have both helped me to process and you to relate to this thing we call life. 

Creating jewelry (and art) is about so much more than "making pretties", amassing goods, or trying to keep up with trends. It's a much more personal, spiritual thing that can enrich both the maker and the wearer.


I have met some of the most incredible, kind, serendipitous souls through my business. Some days it's overwhelming. How else would a hermit like me have reached out and touched each of you, if not for this? 

Just when I begin to feel that humanity is too far gone into a self-absorbed downward spiral, you all pick me up. Make me realize that for ever bit of dark, there is just as much light to counter.

And for all of that, I deeply thank you. 

I'm stepping away from Earrings Everyday to make room for other artists who have wisdom and beauty to share. Because there are so many of us out there, and we each have something unique to say. I'll still be making jewelry, I just won't be "here"---although you may see me return for a guest post every now and then.

So I won't say goodbye. You know where to find me. And I know where to find you. 

Much love <3  
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  1. Don't be a stranger....we shall miss you x

  2. Nikki, thank you so much for your wonderful posts and for your art! your jewelry is always beautiful, different and inspiring. You will be missed!!!

  3. Your designs and your posts have always been so inspiring, you will be missed! Keep on creating and enjoy the journey! xoxo

  4. I enjoyed seeing all of your creations. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. You are a wonderful soul. You will be missed! And are always welcome here. Best wishes for a horizon paved with creative stepping stones on your new adventures. Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. A piece of me goes with you, Nikki. . . . working beside you has been a great honor for me. You stretch my mind each and every time I see something you have created, or written. You are special, indeed, as is your work, and I will sincerely miss your pearls of wisdom twice each month. With love. . . . I look forward to seeing you here again someday. <3

  7. I've enjoyed your posts here and, always, your beautiful art. I'll miss you but know I'll be seeing you around. Love you and thanks, Nikki! xoxo