Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pinky Love Knots

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I get giddy just thinking of certain color combos, well this one is another one of my favorites: Pink and gold. It's sunny, happy, and makes my girlie heart sing :)

Being that my health hasn't been the best for quite some time, being able to work with polymer clay and create with happy fun colors and components is such a joy, and such a healing process. I highly recommend it. Just do it for yourself, if nothing else.

So today, I wanted to share these happy earrings with you:

Small polymer clay oval earring drops, handmade by me - these are water-colored in and I added some glitter (because life is happier with glitter, and because I can LOL), sealed with a glaze. I used some pretty Gold-tone Tierra Cast rings to create the two Love Knots.

Throw in a little natural hemp cord and Swarovskis for some lighthearted sparkling fun, and my gosh, we're ready for a fun Summer party! Wanna join me? We'll get the BBQ going :)

Have you added some fun accessories to your Summer wardrobe this year? What kind of accessories do you gravitate towards the most?

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  1. Pretty PC components and I love the Love Knots!! Pretty summer earrings!!

  2. Very happy colors!! Definitely summer earrings. I have a weak spot for fun and colorful shoes, so when I found some with a discount I couldn't help myself. I just had to buy them. They haven't arrived yet(bought online) so I have to be a bit more patient

    1. Sweet! I'm sure these shoes will make you smile all Summer long! :)

  3. love pink and gold together, beautiful 💖

  4. Beautiful combination Nathalie. Very boho!

  5. Nathalie, these are just plain girly-gorgeous! I love the little mobius rosettes (as we call them in chainmaille), and your components are absolutely beautiful. xoxo

  6. Meridy uses the best words!! What she said!! lol They ARE girly-gorgeous. I shy away from pink usually, but these make me want to get pink! :)