Monday, May 22, 2017

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

A collective name for a group of butterflies is called 'Kaleidoscope'.
However others have called it 'Swarm' or 'Rabble'.
I think a Kaleidoscope suits these beautiful creatures don't you?


Lampwork by Marise Den Hartog

Rainbow Wings
Rainbow Lampwork Beads by Patti Cahill.

Beautiful Wings

Lampwork Beads by Janell Nelson.

I thought it would be fun to share creations from other lovely artists with you too!!

Lara Levy Linkmeyer of 

Monice Pryor of

Michelle Mikalski-Thompson of

My wings are painted Copper (PMC) coated with Ice Resin.
 They have the look of enamel but they are Ice Resin.

I have a show coming up June 2-3 on the
I will have lots of Butterfly Wings and more to share!

Thanks so much for spending some time here on Earrings Everyday!



  1. Gorgeous earrings Kristi. I love each and every one of them. I love your vibrant wings, so beautiful. And you paired them with other treasures. I feel happy just by looking at these. Imagine how I would feal wearing them.

  2. Your butterfly wings are so wonderful. And what lovely examples of designs you have featured!

  3. Kristi, each and every pair is amazing. And how wonderful for you to share the other artists as well. You, and your PMC, rock! Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful earrings Kristi!!! And your wings are aaaamazing 😍

  5. A kaleidoscope indeed! Of the most beautiful kind.

  6. So beautiful! All the earrings are delightful, and it's so fun to see what all the different artists are creating with your gorgeous butterfly wings, Kristi! (And I agree that "kaleidoscope" is a wonderful collective term for butterflies!) xoxo

  7. They are all soooooo beautiful! I also prefer the word kaleidoscope, as nothing else would do justice to all the gorgeous colors butterflies have!