Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It seems so simple - making a stack of something. We make piles and stacks of things all the time in our everyday lives - bills, shoes, sandwiches, dishes, folded clothes, the list goes on. Yawn. Boring.

Now talk about making jewelry stacks and you've got my attention. I've been loving stacked earrings lately, both vertical and front-facing. It's an exercise in graduated size, texture, color, and medium. I love to mix ceramics, glass, stone, textiles, name it.


Here's an sweet little pair I listed last week that plays with all of these different elements. Two reptilian ceramic discs from Petra at ScorchedEarthonEtsy serve as the base, and I've layered them with art nouveau steel PMC washers from Kiyoi Design as well as crusty little shards of violet Roman glass and flashy raw moonstone nuggets. 

I love how the garish chartreuse olive yellow-green of the ceramic base contrasts with the eggplant purple of the Roman glass and the ultraviolet flashes in the moonstones. Olive and violet - a weird color combo I've been stuck on lately. 

OK girls, now get stackin'!

Happy Wednesday :)

LoveRoot on Etsy


  1. I just did some stacked earrings and these are so completely different. Love them!! Especially the reptilian discs!!

  2. Very very cool! I love all the varied textures and the colors scream fall to me. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Great stacks! Perfect pairing of textures here. The beads are all gorgeous! Great job making them all pop! Love these!

  4. Very cool idea! They have so much texture! them!

  5. Loving these - so many lovely layers!

  6. lovely combo and a great idea to stack horizontally , but does this make for really heavy earrings? I worry about ladies earlobes stretching due to weight.
    Olive green (or lime green ) and purple are my go to colours esp together. It's a combo i never tire of .

    1. They can get heavy depending on what components you choose - these are actually still very wearable. I've found, in general, that these front-facing stacks tend to be lighter than the danglies that I usually make :)