Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rustic Silver Flowers with Ruby Spinel

A few posts back I posed the question - what do you pick out first the jewelry or the outfit? I got mixed responses. My conclusion? It is totally an individual choice! Same goes for earrings and necklaces, I suppose. You find one you like and try to match another piece to it, yes? 

These earrings actually came after the necklace. And the necklace became something completely different than what I started from. 

Either way, I am very pleased with the end result. 
Again, these components came together like magnets! You may have experienced this yourself.. you get on a roll and light bulbs start going off in your head like explosions of inspiration!
The charms are sterling silver disks that went through he rolling mill, pressed with bits of flower rick-rack. The flowers left a lovely embossed impression on the silver. It reminds me of rustic tin... although I hesitate to compare sterling to tin.

They are framed in fine silver hoops that were hammered with a dotted texture. 

And then finally adorned with ruby and pale rose colored Spinel gemstones. Absolutely a gorgeous array of colors in these little faceted stones. I can hardly believe they lasted in my bead drawer as long as they did!
I was able to achieve a nice big loop on my ear wires so it almost looks like a tiny hoop. 

Farewell summer... hello autumn... Rustic Silver Flower Earrings. 



  1. OMG we need to get out of each other's head!! LOL I have, on my bench, a very similar pair of earrings (with a textured copper disc inside and turquoise beads). I had made several fine silver hoops (like I posted yesterday) and wanted to do something entirely different LOL Needless to say I absolutely love these earrings! Great design :D

  2. I was admiring that flower impression--it makes me think of a sand dollar. Love that you used some lace trim, very cool! These are beautiful (adore spinels.)

  3. Amazed at how you can created that impression on the silver. It's so lovely when things fall together perfectly, hey? And those little gems are such a beautiful accent.

  4. Both pieces are so softy textured by the lace..beautiful! The spinel adds just the right amount of delicate color. I love the set!

  5. These are lovely earrings and gorgeous metalwork! Love them!

  6. Beautiful Cindy! They are the essence of fall! The spinel is a fabulous color. Perfect for the fall season that is right around the color.

  7. I so totally want a rolling mill! I just would have no place to put it! Beautiful, rustic, charming. Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. Thank you Erin! yes, it does take up a lot of space! I love it tho! :-D

  8. I love your expression: "Explosions of inspiration"! Isn't that the coolest feeling? These earrings are indeed inspired. Gorgeous!

  9. Lovely necklace and earrings! I stopped by from FB just so you know. However I found you on Etsy first :-). peace

  10. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and stop by! I appreciate it!