Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rustic Moon Face Earrings

 Inspired by soulful days spent inward, creating and humming along to Anugama - Shamanic Journey. Dancing around the room, eating chocolate sort of days. Carefree and filled with Peace days. 

Yeah, I had a really nice today, and did all those things. 

My offering this week was born of today's soulfulness. 
 Hand carved (bone) moon faces from Indonesia. Found at a wonderful bead shop in Seattle called Alexanders. A small totem of beads dangle below. Including tiny white porcelain and Czech glass, wrapped in dark oxidized copper wire. 

The hoops are hand fused and forged pure copper with a dark oxidized patina. 

Sterling silver handcrafted ear wires, also oxidized for a rustic, aged look. 

I imagine these earrings going with something like this outfit from Gaia Conceptions...

"handmade organic apparel"

Art & Soul Jewelry


  1. Definitely wonderful! I love all the components and you put them all together beautifully!! Great earrings!

  2. Very sweet! Love the little wrapped beaded drops on the bottom!

  3. Love the earrings Cindy. All the components just seem to go together! The bone moon faces are adorable! Great pair of everyday earrings!

    1. Thank you Donna! This was a design that I struggled with. I took them apart several times before coming up with this one and finally I was happy with it! :-)

  4. Wonderful earrings! I love all the rustic elements together. The copper hoops I like especially, they look like steel!

  5. Love those carved moon face beads. Your earrings are wonderful and I like the design.

  6. I love the earrings and your description of your lovely day. My daughter used to live just down the street from Alexanders. Its such a treasure trove of beady goodness!

  7. Fabulous design and I love the matching outfit/inspiration... totally gorgeous!